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St Peter ChanelCatholic Primary School

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SEN Statement

St Peter Chanel Catholic Primary School is committed to equality of opportunity for all children, regardless of any barriers to learning they may face. All stakeholders in the school will do everything necessary to eliminate discrimination of all kinds (see Equality Statement).

The school makes all reasonable adjustments to ensure all children, including those with SEN or Disabilities, can fully access the curriculum. This includes full wheelchair access and disabled toilets as well as targeted intervention and support to enable all children to access learning at their level. Individual children’s needs are assessed and adjustments or support are put in place in response to this (see School’s Accessibility Plans).

Differentiation is an expectation of all class teachers and this will take any form necessary to ensure equality in access to the curriculum. This is mirrored in provision at playtimes. See Teaching and Learning Policy.

Our admissions policy ensures that the school considers applications from parents of children who have SEN, but do not have a EHC plan, on the basis of the school’s published admissions criteria as part of the normal admissions procedure and does not refuse to admit a child who does not have an EHC plan because it does not feel able to cater for their needs. The school does not discriminate against anyone because of disabilities and will not refuse to accept a child based on any disability they may have (see Admissions Policy).

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