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St Peter ChanelCatholic Primary School

Inspire, Challenge & Empower so through Christ we make a difference


Headteacher: Mrs Gower

Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs Griffin

Assistant Headteacher & SENCO: Mrs Molloy

Pupil Premium Leader: Mrs Molloy

Business Manager: Mrs Plows

Premises Manager: Mr Simpson

How to contact staff

If you need to contact a member of staff, please either call (0208 302 6029) or email (admin@st-peterchanel.bexley.sch.uk) the office to set up a telephone conversation or face-to-face meeting for a mutually convenient time.


Year 6: Miss McCarthy


Year 5: Mrs McKinley


Year 4: Mr Spear


Year 3: Mrs Forsythe


Year 2: Mrs Kelly


Year 1: Mrs Crane


Year R: Miss Mc Grath



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