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St Peter ChanelCatholic Primary School

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Accessibility Plan




Car parking for disabled clearly marked, signed and free from misuse.

Alert staff of expectations regarding disabled parking. Relabel parking space.


Signs to be visual, audible and tactile

When signs replaced: ensure they are accessible to people of restricted movement, sight and hearing, as far as would be reasonably expected.

As signs replaced to be completed by September 2024

Slow-action closers on all doors.

Add to fire doors as priority and then to rest if doors over period of time using premises budget as stated in program of works.

Two per year to be completed by September 2024

Induction loop

Fit induction loop to school to aid communication for people with reduced hearing.

September 2025

Visual clues for orientation

As signs replaced ensure they are pictorial and text and consistent throughout the school.

As signs replaced.

Large versions of building plans and tactile plans.

Ensure pack for school with plans in braille and larger print.

July 2023

Ensure disabled toilet access for any children with difficulty accessing children’s toilets

Changing mat installed

Stool and toilet seat adaption.

Decorated KS1 toilets to make child friendly

July 2022

Wheelchair accessibility in all classrooms.

Furniture arranged to enable clear path.

Adjustable desk purchased.

July 2022- to be reviewed for individual children.

Decking ramp adapted to ensure better surfacing and slope for entry and exit to building.

Composite decking.

Reduced gradient ramp

July 2022

Access ramp for pre-school children adapted to ensure better surfacing and slope for entry and exit to the building.

Wooden structure

Reduced gradient

July 2025

Better consideration for disabled children and parents at school events.

Rest points

Seating areas along route to support those with reduced mobility.

Clear, direct path with ramps

July 2023

Enhanced use of learning apps and technology to support children who cannot access elements of learning eg audio description, dictation facilities

I-pads increased over time to eventually have one each per child.

Research and purchase apps and programs to support learning needs.

July 2024

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