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School Uniform

Important information

We do not allow children to wear earrings at school unless they have been freshly pierced. Then the children have 12 weeks to enable the holes to heal and they are then expected to take them out.

The children are not to wear any other jewellery and will be asked to remove it. Please support this by ensuring you check before children come to school.

The children should not be wearing nail varnish or make- up to school. Again they will be asked to remove it. In the first instance we will ask them to do it at home so please support us with this.

Any child with hair to or below their shoulders should wear it tied up. Any child found with their hair untied will be given a band to tie it up. 

Children should wear black shoes or plain black trainers only. If children are wearing any other shoes they wil be asked to change them. If there is a medical reason for a temporay change, this should be put in writing.


Our uniform is an important part of our identify. We are proud to wear the cross of St Peter Chanel and are proud to show people we are part of our community. 

Our policy sets out our expectations of uniform, in terms of policy. This page unpicks some of that information further.

As a commitment to our families in times of financial difficulty we are doing what we can to reduce the cost of uniform. 

Our uniform is stocked at Graduates in Orpington. There is a price list on this page for your information.

We stock our bookbag and PE bag in the school office for parents to purchase. We are looking at ways to reduce the cost of these items for you. Further information on this will be shared at a later date.

We understand that uniform can be expensive, especially if you have more than one child in the school. Although we have a branded polo shirt and jumper and these can only be purchased at the school uniform shop, all other items can be bought from any uniform retailer as long as they meet the uniform policy.

For families who would like support with uniform or would prefer pre-loved to help do our bit for the planet, we have a lot of uniform at school available for you to have at no cost. 

We also welcome good condition uniform back from families once children have grown out of it as we should be able to rehome it.

We do a used uniform giveaway each term for parents to help themselves to.

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